Crossing Two Important Items Off Two Important Lists This Week

Old Celtic Cross In Glendalough, Wicklow Mountain, Ireland

This won’t be news to you if you follow my other blog, but I’m boarding a plane today and going on an adventure! I’m hopping across the pond, and when I touch down on Thursday, my Thanksgiving meal will consist of a pint of Guinness in a cozy Dublin pub, where I’ll be listening and soaking in and writing, of course.

It’s a bucket list trip – well, one half of it, anyway. I hope to go back next summer and visit the rest of the country when it’s green and the weather’s a little more favorable. Right now is the down season for tourism as the weather is generally cold, wet and slightly miserable, but I don’t mind. Most of what I want to do is indoors (museums and pubs) so a long weekend in Dublin works for me. The big plus is that hotels are deeply discounted and airfare is half the price. Until Disney notices my book and realizes what a brilliant TV series it would make, this is how I roll.

While I’m making my way through the museums, one stop is definitely going to be the National Museum of Ireland, where I hope to find some info (and bend the ear of a museum guide or two) about the Tuatha dé Danann, the gods of ancient Ireland, who feature heavily in one of my next stories. It’s a YA fantasy adventure about a magical kingdom, a lost monarch, and evil forces that plot against the world of men. . .

So one for the bucket list, one for research, and I’ve got two great reasons for visiting the land of some of my ancestors. I can’t wait to sit down with my journal and just write, write, write.



Yeah, baby.

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