And the #Giveaway winner is . . .


@LifeWthnThePgs, courtesy of Twitter! You, my darling get the whole package!

  • Signed copy of TRAVELER
  • Personal Journal
  • Glitter Mousse scented candle from the Nox To Lumos Candle Co.
  • Set of Antiqued Pirate ship and TRAVELER-themed mirror bookmarks
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card

As for the rest of you – don’t despair! All is not yet lost!!

Since the grand prize winner ended up being from Twitter, I’m giving a consolation prize to Instagram user @megabunnyreads,  Tumblr user @xcyansparksx and blog commenter, Meigan ! You all get signed books!

Thank you to all who participated! I’ll have one more giveaway of goodies over the summer, and then in the fall – look for the ARC giveaway of DREAMER!!

Last Day For My #Giveaway – Act Now!


Last Chance! My giveaway closes at six p.m. EDT (US) tonight! Just head over to the original blog post for the giveaway and leave a comment, or comment on one of the social media links in the post.

Just a reminder that this giveaway includes:

  • Signed copy of TRAVELER
  • Personal Journal
  • Glitter Mousse scented candle from the Nox To Lumos Candle Co. (If you haven’t read the book yet – Glitter Mousse is a serious addiction!)
  • Set of Antiqued Pirate ship and TRAVELER-themed mirror bookmarks
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card

Go forth and retweet, reblog and spread the word!

And With One Line, It’s Decided


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had the battle of the books running through my brain lately. It started out as three different stories picking at my grey matter, then I dropped one and it became two that were consuming me, pulling me in two different directions in a creative tug-of-war.

Then a sneaky little tendril of a story started weaving its way in, seducing me with it’s subtle background music, and somehow it took root and started to grow. Continue reading

Teen Reads Reviews TRAVELER!


Happy Friday! Hop on over to and check out their stellar review of TRAVELER! Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

“I was overwhelmed by the beautiful descriptions in this book, and I felt as if I could see each and every world that Jessa traveled to. Each world was uniquely different, simultaneously so outlandish, yet intriguing, that I wanted a new book based in every place.”

You can read the full review here. Many thanks to Jessica K for reading and reviewing!

Thank You, Barnes & Noble!


I had a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Plymouth Meeting, PA on Saturday, and it was tremendous fun! I want to give a big shout-out to Heather (pictured with me there) for her bubbling enthusiasm and for making me feel like a rock star! Also to the barista that made me an incredible cup of chai. And of course, a round of thanks to all the readers who showed up to chat and to get their books signed.

This was my second author event, and let me tell you . . . it still feels surreal. But great!

This weekend, I’ll be at Barnes and Noble in Wyomissing, PA. Stop by and wish me Happy Birthday!

Q&A – What’s Up With The Sequel To TRAVELER?

Question answer sign icon. Q&A symbol. Flourishes calligraphic ornament. Vector

Reader Oshani asks:

Can you give me a clue about when we can expect DREAMER [the sequel to TRAVELER]?

And Reader Kaylee asks:

What’s going to happen in DREAMER?? I have to know!!!

Here’s the scoop

As far as I know, DREAMER is breaking in Feb of 2018. That is subject to change, depending on publishing schedules, but tentatively, that’s the date. And as for what’s going to happen – well, I can’t give everything away, but here’s a vague synopsis: Continue reading

Breaking Out The Focus Words – My Writing Strategy For Staying On Track

three post-it notes hung with wooden clothes pegs

I’m hammering away at my next manuscript, and I’ve started using post-it notes as a way to keep myself on track as I’m getting through a scene or a chapter.

You see, I have a bad habit of knowing where I want something to build and then meandering off a bit, which only creates stuff I have to slice later, or rearrange once I’m into my edits. I’ve found that if I pick a word – just one word – it helps me focus.

Continue reading