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What if you could inhabit a new version of yourself just by stepping through a mirror into an alternate reality? This is Jessa’s gift, but it’s not so thrilling when she learns she’s being murdered . . . everywhere.




And The Winner Of My YA Scavenger Hunt Bonus Giveaway Is . . .

Winner - Word and Stars Exploding in Fireworks Celebration

Auburn from Yelm, Washington!

Congratulations! You’ve won signed copies of TRAVELER and DREAMER, plus a nautical-themed journal, a writing prompt journal, a bookish magnet, and a set of book nerd iron-on patches! Thanks for playing!


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The Great Big Summer Giveaway!


Ready for a couple of great beach reads? Put down the sunblock, adjust your shades 🕶️ and enter my giveaway for some great 🌞 summer swag!  Included in this giveaway are:

😎 Signed copies of TRAVELER & DREAMER

😎 Insulated Beach Tote

😎 Travel Book Rest

😎 Set of magnetic bookmarks

😎 Coloring book journal

😎 Crystal Anchor keychain

This giveaway is open to everyone! To enter you need to:

Head over to Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr and follow the instructions on the giveaway post.

 🎆 Winner 🎆 will be chosen at random and announced at 12pm on Monday, July 9th.