Tidbit Tuesday: He’s Been Alone Too Long

Man walking on an empty desolate raod

In this scene from DREAMER (the upcoming sequel to TRAVELER), Jessa has just had an argument with her mother, and a certain reality-traveling pirate tries to give her a dose of perspective . . .

“Don’t fault your mother for being concerned when you aren’t yourself,” Finn says.

“You don’t understand.”

“I do. But I think you’re inflating things a bit.”

“Inflating!” I pull away from him, raising my arms and slapping them down at my sides in frustration. “Look you don’t have a mother like that, so you can’t really understand–”

“No, I don’t have a mother like that,” he snaps, and I can see the hurt in his eyes. “I grew up without any mother at all, but I believe I can still offer some insight.” Continue reading

Favorites Friday – Ray Bradbury Was A Master

Vintage Pocket Watch

I’ve made no secret of my deep and abiding love for all things Bradbury. The man could paint with words like Michelangelo. He was amazing. Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite passages, from “The Martian Chronicles:

There was a smell of Time in the air tonight. He smiled and turned the fancy in his mind. There was a thought. What did time smell like? Like dust and clocks and people. And if you wondered what Time sounded like it sounded like water running in a dark cave and voices crying and dirt dropping down upon hollow box lids, and rain. And, going further, what did Time look like? Time look like snow dropping silently into a black room or it looked like a silent film in an ancient theater, 100 billion faces falling like those New Year balloons, down and down into nothing. That was how Time smelled and looked and sounded. And tonight-Tomas shoved a hand into the wind outside the truck-tonight you could almost taste time.

Continue reading

Oh, The Little Extras . . .


I’m working on one of the funnest parts of the book (at least when you publish with Swoon) – the extras!

In my extras for TRAVELER, I added a recipe for Glitter Mousse (courtesy of a fabulous chef who was up to the challenge of recreating it), and for DREAMER, I’m going to write a bonus scene.

I can’t tell you what about, because that would be a spoiler, but let’s just say it’s about continuing someone’s story. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.


Can you believe the ARC’s for DREAMER will be out in a few months? Where did the time go??


Reviews, Reviews, Reviews – I Love ‘Em!

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Today is an auspicious day! TRAVELER now has 50 reviews on Amazon! Cue the confetti! This is it, the world is my oyster!!

Actually, it just means I have one more review on Amazon than 49, but I’ll take it. I have well over a hundred on Goodreads now, and scattered reviews across other bookseller sites, and so far (knock wood) they’re predominately good.

But that doesn’t mean I disregard or shrug off the bad ones – and there have been a few. Continue reading

And the #Giveaway winner is . . .


@LifeWthnThePgs, courtesy of Twitter! You, my darling get the whole package!

  • Signed copy of TRAVELER
  • Personal Journal
  • Glitter Mousse scented candle from the Nox To Lumos Candle Co.
  • Set of Antiqued Pirate ship and TRAVELER-themed mirror bookmarks
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card

As for the rest of you – don’t despair! All is not yet lost!!

Since the grand prize winner ended up being from Twitter, I’m giving a consolation prize to Instagram user @megabunnyreads,  Tumblr user @xcyansparksx and blog commenter, Meigan ! You all get signed books!

Thank you to all who participated! I’ll have one more giveaway of goodies over the summer, and then in the fall – look for the ARC giveaway of DREAMER!!

Last Day For My #Giveaway – Act Now!


Last Chance! My giveaway closes at six p.m. EDT (US) tonight! Just head over to the original blog post for the giveaway and leave a comment, or comment on one of the social media links in the post.

Just a reminder that this giveaway includes:

  • Signed copy of TRAVELER
  • Personal Journal
  • Glitter Mousse scented candle from the Nox To Lumos Candle Co. (If you haven’t read the book yet – Glitter Mousse is a serious addiction!)
  • Set of Antiqued Pirate ship and TRAVELER-themed mirror bookmarks
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card

Go forth and retweet, reblog and spread the word!

And With One Line, It’s Decided


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had the battle of the books running through my brain lately. It started out as three different stories picking at my grey matter, then I dropped one and it became two that were consuming me, pulling me in two different directions in a creative tug-of-war.

Then a sneaky little tendril of a story started weaving its way in, seducing me with it’s subtle background music, and somehow it took root and started to grow. Continue reading