Ooooooh, Guys, I’m Getting Sooo Excited!!


Do you see that????

Reviews are starting to come in on my advanced reader copies, and so far…they like me! They really like me!

Or should I say, they like Jessa, Finn, Ben and Danny – and they should! I love the hell out of all of them. I’m actually sorry this is only a two-book story because I could go on and on and on with all of them.

Anyway, 4.86 stars out of 5 isn’t looking too shabby for a beginning. Now I’m really, really jazzed for my launch. Like, you can’t know how much!

Come on February!!

#TalkLikeAPirateDay? I’m All In!


Well, wouldja lookit that! It’s a pirate ship, right there on my cover! “But I thought this book was about a girl who step through mirrors into other realities,” you cry! (I can practically hear you crying it…)

And yes, Jessa most certainly does that – once Finn shows her how. And while traveling into other realities (and stepping into the bodies of many other Jessas) is all kinds of exciting, Jessa decides to take a little side-trip on her own to a rather fantastical steampunk world where she runs smack into Finn’s piratical alter-ego. Continue reading

She gave him a disgruntled look…

Arguing Couple Sitting on Tailgate of Car by Road

                       “Are you saying I smell like gym socks?”

                       “That would be rude.”

                       “You are rude. A lot.”

                       “But I smell good.”

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