Guest Blog: How My “Useless” Theatre Degree Made Me A Better Writer

Actor preparing lines

My guest blog on using Theatre techniques for better writing is up at Adventures In YA Book Publishing.

Even though I haven’t landed on Broadway (yet!), I’ve never regretted my Theatre degree. As a writer, it’s become even more invaluable. I cannot tell you how many scenes I’ve blocked out for logistics, acted out for emotions and beats, and recited aloud for pacing and inflection. If you’re holding my book in your hand, you’re holding a performance piece – a very carefully rehearsed performance piece.

And if you’ve never had an acting class and you’re a writer, you might want to consider it.

New Review Up At Tales of the Ravenous Reader


Many thanks to Christy at Tales of the Ravenous Reader for her glowing review of TRAVELER. Much appreciated! And I had to laugh a little at this:

“This is one of the first books I left HUNGRY because the author did such a fabulous job of describing glitter mousse, a dessert from an alternative reality. Lucky for us, the author included the recipe to make it in THIS reality and I am SO down!”

Ah, Glitter Mousse. Food of the gods. My mouth was watering every time I wrote about it – so much so that I called my nephew – he’s a chef – and demanded that he find a way to make it for me, and he did! And it is utterly TO DIE FOR.

The recipe is just an added plus when you buy the book! And that’s on top of flirty Irish pirates, daring adventures, sadder but wiser souls and great nerdy snark!

Read the full review here!



When You Make A Book Boo-Boo, They Always Find It

Young Woman Making A Mistake

A lot of work went into my book. A lot.

Writing. Rewriting. Editing. Rewriting again. Lather, rinse repeat. Then on to my editors, and more rewriting. Spellchecking, of course. Grammar, of course. Continuity – oh, you betcha!

Then on to proofing for a fresh set of eyes to catch every typo or slip in tense. They got nearly everything. (One little typo came through but it’s barely noticeable).

And then a reader pointed out my big ole idiot of a boo-boo.

Ugh. Continue reading

Check Out My Author Interview With Adventures In YA Publishing!


If you haven’t yet  discovered Adventures in YA Publishing, you seriously need to check them out! Not only do they have great giveaways and promos, they have terrific author and want-to-be-author content, as well as mentors, workshops and insider tidbits that are well worth your time to read.

And this week, they interviewed me about TRAVELER! Read it here!



New Review For TRAVELER Up At The Windy Pages


A great big thank you to Kimberly at The Windy Pages for her recent review of TRAVELER! I’m so glad you enjoyed it – and thanks so much for not spoiling the ending (even if it threw you for a loop)!

Here’s a little bit of what Kimberly had to say:

“There is something so right about this book…The book is very creative, carefully explaining how they can jump and what repercussions the characters have on the other timelines. I really liked how different Jessa was in each dimension and how the worlds were vastly different. I really liked Finn and Ben, and especially pirate Finn. 🙂 “

You can find the complete review here.

TRAVELER is now available!



Scavenger Hunt #Giveaway Going On For TRAVELER At YABC!


Whew! What a pub day, huh? Thank you all so much for your good wishes and shout-outs yesterday. I felt like Cinderella in a sparkly dress and killer glass stilettos all day!

And that’s only the beginning – lots of stuff still going on this week!

Today got a guest blog up at YA Book Central – so hop on over and check out my 5 Reasons Why My Story Had to Be YA.

And while you’re there, be sure and sign up for the Scavenger Hunt giveaway for Traveler!