When You Find A Wonderful (But Unusual) Source For Your Book


There I was, clipping along, the book almost done, when I hit the motherlode.

Yes, I’m writing a book that features a wonderfully sarcastic and witty Irish character. He happens to be a modern-day ghost of an ancient bard, so he’s got a lot of stories to tell. Being Irish, he tells them with great flair – of course. Continue reading


Fabulous Writing Tip I Picked Up At Comic-Con

Notebook and pen on the black keyboard

I’ve been meaning to drop this before now, but I’ve honestly been using it, and it spurred a whole flurry of writing activity.

I was privileged to catch a panel featuring award-winning writer/editor Marv Wolfman. Marv is the writer/creator of Blade, Black Cat, Bullseye, New Teen Titans, Deathstroke, (and many more), and has a successful writing career that spans over fifty years. Any time you can sit at the feet of a master, you should take it, and I’m so glad I did. Continue reading

The Solitary Life Of A One-Handed Writer

I am writing this today with one good hand. It’s going to be that way for a while. I’m getting used to the new normal, but it’s slow going. A little over a month ago, my brain suffered an injury that was at the very least a setback and to be perfectly honest more than a little catastrophic.

I have a book due.  I was just in the process of wrapping up my latest revision when all this happened, putting me flat on my back in a hospital bed. Add in the ramp up in press for DREAMER and I’m even further behind. I used to type as fast as I could think and now my productivity has been cut in half. When you add in the level of fatigue level -which is extreme right now – it cuts in half again. It’s maddening and frustrating  and I really don’t have time for it.

What does this mean to you, my readers? Well, it means I most likely will not have a book publishing in 2019. That’s a very hard thing for me to write,  particularly as an author with only two books under her belt.

You know what they say . . . if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. This cannot be rushed.  I’m going to have to get well first and then write when I feel that I really can. That’s been in bits and pieces here and there, a little more everyday. I am slowly regaining some of the use in my left hand –  three out of five fingers now – but it will be several months before I am typing again and likely a few more before I’m typing 94 words per minute again.

So please, readers, hang in there with me. The next book is coming and I promise you I am taking this time to make absolutely sure it was well worth waiting for.

What To Do When You’re Sick As A Dog And A Deadline Is Looming

sleep on computer

I spent the whole weekend being sick.

I mean, really, really, badly sick. My acute upper-respiratory infection decided to drop down into my lungs. I was coughing, congested, sneezing, and aching over every single inch of my body. I wanted to guzzle NyQuil and curl up on a heating pad.

But, of course . . . a deadline. At the suggestion of my editor (and it was a good one), I decided to drop one of my major characters and her storyline to simplify things a bit on this next book, and that required a rewrite. I almost had it finished over the holiday break, but just needed to polish it up a bit more.

Alas, by Friday, it was clear I was just too freaking sick. So I sent my editor an email, promising her I’d have the latest revision ready on Monday. I medicated myself and went to bed, and Saturday I woke up even sicker. By Sunday morning, there was still no respite in sight. But guys – I had a deadline. Continue reading

My 2018 Writing Goals

Winning Strategy

I really hate writing goals down because they make you accountable. It’s a good thing, but still – I cringe. I need to do this for me, though, and if I don’t hit them all, so be it.

I’m prioritizing (of course) any of my YA books because they’re contracted items and those deadlines will be met. The rest is wishful thinking and hopefully a lot of careful executing.

Here we go: Continue reading

2017: My Writing Year In Review


I can’t believe this year is drawing to a close already. Even crazier than that, I became a traditionally published author this year! I still have a hard time believing it! And now with a second book breaking in 2018 (and more on the way!) I guess I need to stop pinching myself and get to work because next year is gonna be a doozy. In the meantime, here are the highlights of my unbelievable year:

In January, my first run copies arrived on my doorstep. My daughter snapped this photo when I pulled my book from the box and held it in my hand. I think my face says it all.


Continue reading