The Moments That Define You

I spent last Thanksgiving in Dublin, Ireland, and while there, I paid a visit to the National Museum of Ireland: Archaeology, hoping to do some research on my next book, a fantasy YA story based on the Tuatha Dé Danann – the ancient gods of Ireland. This particular bit of sight-seeing comes with a story.


This stone is actually enormous and dates back to between 3000 and 2500 b.c. It bears a spiral design, which fascinates me because I was doing research for a book a while back and discovered that the spiral symbol is common (and sacred) to just about every primitive culture – check out Chaco Canyon and the sunstone there, or the carvings of the Inuit or the Maori, check out China, Japan, all over Asia and Africa – seriously – it’s everywhere in primitive cultures.

Anyway, I glanced around sneakily, and then I reached out and touched it, low down on the design, skimming and tracing the groove with gentle fingers. I know, I shouldn’t have done that. Continue reading “The Moments That Define You”

Crossing Two Important Items Off Two Important Lists This Week

Old Celtic Cross In Glendalough, Wicklow Mountain, Ireland

This won’t be news to you if you follow my other blog, but I’m boarding a plane today and going on an adventure! I’m hopping across the pond, and when I touch down on Thursday, my Thanksgiving meal will consist of a pint of Guinness in a cozy Dublin pub, where I’ll be listening and soaking in and writing, of course. Continue reading “Crossing Two Important Items Off Two Important Lists This Week”