What’s Up Wednesday: Near The Finish Line

But it’s only a prelimary race . . .

In other words, the first draft of the next book is done, and I’m frantically finishing up this round of edits. Then off it goes to my editor and I hold my breath and wait. Continue reading


What’s Up Wednesday: Writing And Mentoring


I have been laugh-out-loud crazy busy. Borderline psychotic, even. What kind of idiot thinks they can fully research and write a first draft in six weeks? This kind, apparently. But the really weird thing is, I woke in the middle of the night a few days ago and had a sudden revelation about a cool plot hook and ever since, theΒ  book has pretty much been writing itself.

So I’m plugging away, and God willing, we’ll have an awesome book (in hardcover!) circa 2019. Continue reading

What’s Up Wednesday: I Am A Busy Bee



Things are clipping along with the revisions on Dreamer – and I am so torn! On the one hand, I can’t wait to give you all the rest of the story with Jessa, Finn and Ben, but at the same time. . .

I hate for it to come to an end. I can seriously write another ten books about Jessa’s adventures (hey, Mortal Instruments keeps on keeping on…) but this was a two book deal so I have to wrap it in a ribbon and call it done. Continue reading