The Trials That Test Your Soul

I had a book signing on Saturday. Normally that fills me with excitement, and I really, really enjoy getting out there and being able to talk to the readers face-to-face.  But Saturday was hard. My elderly cat, a solid and faithful companion for 15 years, had to be put down on Saturday. I quite literally petted her silky fur, kissed her head, dried my tears, and drove to the book signing.

It was so great being able to talk about my book with new people and signing books for the fan that stopped by. That will never not be great. And I smiled and I thank them sincerely, all the while hoping they couldn’t see how hard I was bleeding on the inside. These are the times that try an authors soul. But they’re also the times that you can draw on and use in a story at a later date. I have a feeling there’s going to be a feline showing up somewhere  in one of my books.

On top of the emotional punch of Saturday, I’m still recuperating from a rather serious injury  and that has been no picnic. These last few weeks have shown me an escalated level of pain, and a whole lot of frustration battling insurance companies. The stress level isn’t exactly conducive to the mindspace I need as I’m finishing up the latest draft on the  next book. that deadline is approaching, so it’s stress on top of stress.

I’ll get through it. I know I will. I’m not inherently someone who wallows in misery – quite frankly I don’t have time for that. and all of it is fabulous writing f fodder, when all is said and done.

I just wish it was done.


Lots Of Great Stuff Going On – Check Out The Sales!

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WAIT – I’m not done yet! BIG announcement coming on Friday regarding DREAMER and how you can get your hot little hands on a copy months before it hits the shelves.

Stay tuned!


What’s Up Wednesday: Revising A Revision Before The Next Revision


I’m in the middle of a holiday week at the day job, which means I get extra writing time (hooray!) and I’m determined to use it wisely. I had planned to start blocking out book 2 of this next project, but then I got an email from my editor commending me on my latest revision but gently suggesting that I might have too many characters coming in right off the bat.

She’s right. Continue reading “What’s Up Wednesday: Revising A Revision Before The Next Revision”

Yikes! Has It Been A Week Since I Blogged?


This week has been a bit hectic, both at the day job and the run-up to NaNoWriMo and of course, Halloween. My neighborhood gets approximately eighty-thousand trick-or-treaters so it’s an event that must be planned for and executed.

Anyway, I meant to do a What’s Up Wednesday but yesterday just got away from me. Really, there’s not a huge amount to report but here are the highlights: Continue reading “Yikes! Has It Been A Week Since I Blogged?”

What’s Up Wednesday: Writing And Mentoring


I have been laugh-out-loud crazy busy. Borderline psychotic, even. What kind of idiot thinks they can fully research and write a first draft in six weeks? This kind, apparently. But the really weird thing is, I woke in the middle of the night a few days ago and had a sudden revelation about a cool plot hook and ever since, the  book has pretty much been writing itself.

So I’m plugging away, and God willing, we’ll have an awesome book (in hardcover!) circa 2019. Continue reading “What’s Up Wednesday: Writing And Mentoring”

What’s Up Wednesday: In The Muck Of Marketing


I’ve actually got a career background in marketing and sales courtesy of various day jobs over the years, and that’s really come in handy with the writer stuff. But it’s also a complete pain in the ass.

Part of the reason I don’t work in marketing and sales anymore is that while I was really good at it, I. Hate. It. Continue reading “What’s Up Wednesday: In The Muck Of Marketing”

What’s Up Wednesday – I Have Been A Busy Bee


I had fully intended to post a cool deleted scene from Traveler yesterday, but the day got away from me. Look for that next week on “Tidbit Tuesday.”

Today, I’ll give you the scoop on what’s ahead.

First, I’ve got two new book signings to add to the list:

Barnes & Noble in Plymouth Meeting, PA  1-4pm

Barnes & Noble in Wyomissing, PA  1-4 pm

Continue reading “What’s Up Wednesday – I Have Been A Busy Bee”

Crossing Two Important Items Off Two Important Lists This Week

Old Celtic Cross In Glendalough, Wicklow Mountain, Ireland

This won’t be news to you if you follow my other blog, but I’m boarding a plane today and going on an adventure! I’m hopping across the pond, and when I touch down on Thursday, my Thanksgiving meal will consist of a pint of Guinness in a cozy Dublin pub, where I’ll be listening and soaking in and writing, of course. Continue reading “Crossing Two Important Items Off Two Important Lists This Week”