Classroom Visits, Workshops & Discussion Guides

L.E. DeLano is happy to do both in-person and virtual classroom or library visits. Having mentored young writer groups, as well as being on faculty for organizations like The Philadelphia Writing Workshop, and the Creative Light Factory (among others), L. E. has a variety of programs to share, and would be more than happy to tailor one to your classroom needs. Each of these programs comes with downloadable support materials.

My Author Journey And What I’ve Learned (So Far)

L.E. will detail how she went from journaling to writing short stories, on to playwriting and blogging, then to self-published novelist and finally, traditionally published novelist. She’ll share some of the obstacles she’s had to overcome personally and professionally on her way to becoming a published author, and will give an overview on the process of drafting, editing, querying and working with a publisher. We’ll also discuss the importance of balancing creativity, discipline, and business sense in order to achieve success.

Plotting For Pantsers (How to Outline Your Book Even When You Don’t Enjoy It)

This workshop will show you how to chart your story with an outline grid that gives you structure plus the flexibility you need to rearrange or expand as your story evolves. We’ll talk about plotting, breadcrumb trails and how using the grid can help you battle writer’s block.

Building A Better World

This workshop delves into world building beyond the physical setting. We’ll talk about how the intricacies of setting, culture and economic factors can help or hinder plot and character development, and the importance of painting the world in small strokes versus dumping a can of paint on the opening chapter.

All About Editing

This program details the tips and tricks that will see you successfully from “I’ve got a general idea of how I want this story to go” to a polished, powerful manuscript ready for querying and publication.

Classroom Discussion Guides

Classroom Discussion Guide for BLUE.

Classroom Discussion Guides for TRAVELER & DREAMER can be found in the back of each book.

L.E. DeLano on What Authors Can Learn from Theatre, courtesy of The Indy Author Podcast