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L.E. DeLano comes equipped with a “useless” Theatre degree that has opened doors for her in numerous ways. Though mostly raised in New Mexico, she now lives in Pennsylvania with two adventurous kids and two ridiculous cats. When she’s not writing (which is almost never), she’s binge-watching Disney+ and planning road trips.

L.E.’s 2021 Novel, BLUE, was named a 2021 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite in Young Adult Fiction. Her debut YA novel, TRAVELER was selected as a Keystone To Reading Secondary Book Award finalist for school year 2018-19 by the Keystone State Reading Association (KSRA) and also voted one of The 20 Most Beautiful Books in the World for 2017 by MTV UK. 

BLUE Press Release 

TRAVELER Press Release

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  1. Ellie, my daughter & I met you at B&N in West Chester, PA early summer 2018. Finally, life slowed a bit & had time to read Travelers & am almost finished w Dreamers. How did you do it? It’s intricate complexities go beyond anything I’ve read as each curve traces along a sea creatures’ shell easily moving from one to another next never stopping the flow of Jess & Finn’s story except for a few abrupt stops to help the reader pay even closer attention. And, traveling seems more real than ever. It was a blessing to meet you at a time when my life needed you to pass through it. Looking forward to more adventures in your books & the ones it may encourage for me.