What’s Up Wednesday: Revising A Revision Before The Next Revision


I’m in the middle of a holiday week at the day job, which means I get extra writing time (hooray!) and I’m determined to use it wisely. I had planned to start blocking out book 2 of this next project, but then I got an email from my editor commending me on my latest revision but gently suggesting that I might have too many characters coming in right off the bat.

She’s right. And I’d actually entertained this notion myself. I am now hard at work combining two characters into one, revising my earlier revision, and then this gets turned in so my editor can generate an edit letter that generates yet another revision.

Because that’s what writing is, kids. It’s revising. A whole lot of revising. But this is how a good book becomes a great book or even a fantastic book, so off I go.

Not sure I’ll be blogging much this week – I’m using every minute I can get, here. Happy New Year, everyone! 2018 is coming, and so is DREAMER!


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