Tidbit Tuesday: A Little DREAMER Q&A

The cover announcement for DREAMER breaks on Monday, and I am so freaking excited!!


The final copyedits are done, and now we wait for the ARC. And I know you’re all just burning with curiosity, especially after the way I left off in TRAVELER.

I can’t tell you too much (without TRAVELER spoilers, anyway) but I can share some insights. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions flooding my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook message folder:

  1. Will the love triangle continue? Short answer: yes. TRAVELER presented a very unique sort of love triangle, one that Jessa didn’t have much control over. This time, Ben puts it out there and Jessa makes thoughtful and considered choices – which get completely upended by an unexpected arrival and then, of course, the real fun begins.
  2. What’s new? You’ll see some new realities (one of which will take your breath away – it was honestly my favorite scene to write), and the villains will enact part of their plan to devastating result (seriously – that scene had me bawling like a baby). You’ll also get to travel into the dreamscape and step into the dreams of a couple of characters – that’s all kinds of fun.
  3. Will Jessa finally get some friends? One of the recurring criticisms of TRAVELER (and I think they’re fair in saying so) is that Jessa has no friends other than Ben and Finn. That was actually by design – Jessa was closed up in her own little world of words and stories and in DREAMER, we see her actually getting out there. We’ll meet a recurring character who becomes a bestie, and most importantly, we see all the Jessas begin to interact with each other, bouncing suggestions and advice off each other and working together as a team when it counts.
  4. Does Jessa keep up with her dancing lessons? Yes! She even performs!
  5. (I’m quoting this verbatim:) Pirate Finn? Please? Pretty Please? Yes, Pirate Finn. Oh, yes.


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