So It Turns Out I Repeat The Same Repetitive Phrases Repeatedly

Writers block

I just finished slogging through the last of the copyedits for DREAMER, tidying up the occasional continuity question, and addressing all the places I have a repetitive phrase or word.

Oh, Lordy.

I have a problem. Ladies and Gentleman, I am here to confess I have a serious problem. How many times can someone sigh and lean back on a table? Or roll their eyes? Or “snap” when they say something?

Lots, it turns out, if I cooked them up in my obviously deranged brain. Talk about a cold, hard slap of editorial reality. And I was so pleased with myself for having eliminated so much of that crap in my writing already. Yes, it used to be worse. There’s a sobering realization. It’s annoying now, but it used to be worse.

Guess it just goes to show you that a good writer always has room to be a better writer, especially if she has a great editor and editorial staff who call out her nonsense.


Back to the rough draft of the next book, which I am now viewing through a hyper-critical eye.

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