I Believe In Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Yesterday, I tweeted (and posted to FaceBook) an outstanding Harry Potter-themed cartoon that someone had shared on Reddit.


Hilarious, right! So I tossed it out on Twitter and somehow, I wasn’t the eleventy-billionth person who’d seen it and it got retweeted a metric buttload of times. Which is swell, but the author should be credited. A few people were kind enough to tweet out the source (and I have since retweeted the source twice myself and corrected my Facebook page to reflect the source, as well) but I honestly feel bad that I didn’t think to hunt down the author before I passed it along. I’ve never claimed it was my work, and I assume most people realize that, but credit should be given where it’s due – and up front, if you can.

I’ve seen a couple of my short stories and even long excerpts from my books posted on websites and writing forums before, and it’s flattering, but I wish they’d put my name on there. I worked hard on that stuff. And this artist has worked very hard on those comics – and a whole lot of others.

Seriously, check out the artist’s site! Hysterical fun, and she has lots of great Harry Potter stuff. My apologies to the artist, and thank you, for sharing your work with us!

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