Q&A – What’s Up With The Sequel To TRAVELER?

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Reader Oshani asks:

Can you give me a clue about when we can expect DREAMER [the sequel to TRAVELER]?

And Reader Kaylee asks:

What’s going to happen in DREAMER?? I have to know!!!

Here’s the scoop

As far as I know, DREAMER is breaking in Feb of 2018. That is subject to change, depending on publishing schedules, but tentatively, that’s the date. And as for what’s going to happen – well, I can’t give everything away, but here’s a vague synopsis: Continue reading

I Can Feel It Comin’ In The Air…On Tuesday


Big news coming people! Terrific, great, awesome kind of news – but I can’t tell ’til Tuesday so you’re just going to have to deal with the cliffhanger!

Speaking of which…

I’m cooking with fire on Dreamer. Holy moley, I wrote such a good scene last night. I mean sooooo good. I was dancing in the kitchen afterward, and I re-read it again this morning to be sure I wasn’t just hallucinating and it’s still hella good. Go me.

So I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend pulling loose threads together and tying them into a pretty bow so I can call Dreamer done (this revision, anyway). Hope you have a great weekend…and stay tuned! Tuesday will be terrific!!

In The Home Stretch And Feeling Energized!

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This is the weekend that I finish the first round of major edits on Dreamer, and just like Traveler, they have been substantial. Luckily for you, they’re for the better, and that’s why having an editor is so abso-freaking-lutely critical.

I had to axe a scene that I just absolutely loved, I ripped out an entire subplot that took up three (count ’em!) whole chapters, I added some closure on a character arc that was desperately missing it, I rewrote the buildup to the ending (Yay me – the ending was slamming so it could stay), and I added in an entirely new chapter full of imminent jeopardy that really moves the plot forward and ties out into an amazingly beautiful moment between my two leads. Continue reading

Tidbit Tuesday: Just A Little Peek…

Enchanted Mirror

I had a really hard time delivering on my promise to share a piece of Dreamer, book 2 of the Traveler series. Just about 98% of it is a total spoiler for things that happen in book 1. It’s a no-win scenario, but I did manage to find this little bit set between Ben and Jessa early in the book. Ben hasn’t gotten as much attention as Finn in my shout-outs and tidbits, and I really need to remedy that. Ben steps up his game in book 2, and I assure you, hearts will flutter… Continue reading

Sometimes You Need To Remember To Go With Your Gut

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Well, my editor sent me her notes on “Dreamer.”


And then we talked on the phone for over an hour about it.

*choking sound*

Now I have less than 60 days to get it where it needs to go. It’s mostly there, but there needs to be some creative re-arranging, some dismissal of a useless subplot, and I have to swap out someone’s death for someone else’s because it was just too much.

I have no doubt it’ll get there, and it’ll be so much better getting there. Continue reading