What’s Up Wednesday: In The Muck Of Marketing


I’ve actually got a career background in marketing and sales courtesy of various day jobs over the years, and that’s really come in handy with the writer stuff. But it’s also a complete pain in the ass.

Part of the reason I don’t work in marketing and sales anymore is that while I was really good at it, I. Hate. It.

I hate selling. I hate convincing anyone to have to buy anything. I hate feeling like I have to do a song and dance to get you to notice me, especially if the product is good enough to sell itself.

But this is the biz, guys. My book is good, but there are a lot of good books. And “good” in a clutch of good books floating in a sea of mediocre books washing over a steaming pile of bad books just doesn’t get noticed much on its own.

And since I don’t have piles of money or a rich spouse to pay for a marketing service or a bunch of ad campaigns, I have to get creative. It’s time consuming, which makes it hard to get the next book written – and as we all know you’re only as good as your next book.

So if your writer friend looks frazzled, do them a solid and tell someone about their book. Take a picture of yourself reading their book and post it on social media. Stop in your local bookstore or library and inquire about the book – even if they don’t have it in stock, it may pique their curiosity. Then call your writer friend and tell her you can’t wait for her next book. Which she should be writing, since you just did some marketing for her.

Then buy her a bottle of wine. It helps.


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