Social Media & Mayhem -Trying To Keep Focus Is Hard

Social media concept

One of the biggest plusses you have as an author is the advent of social media.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of an author’s biggest minuses.

Here’s the thing: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my blog enable me to interact with readers and would-be readers from all over, to extend my reach beyond my friends, family and neighbors, and most of it without spending much (or any) money.

What it does cost me is time, and when you’re a single working mother, that time is oh-so-precious. Every hour I have to spend scheduling tweets and posts, or taking pretty pictures of books, or coming up with blog content is time I’m not spending on my writing. Which is not ideal. Continue reading

What Every Writer Wants To Hear: “I’d Read That Book!”

I was at a party over the weekend, at the home of some writing friends. I met the two of them when we were all three competing in a global writing contest and discovered we only lived twenty minutes from each other. It’s not often that online friendships turn into real-life friendships, and when they do, it’s gold.

But anyway….

I was at the party, and since I met these people on the internet and not in a social circle, neighborhood or workplace, I didn’t really know anyone else who was there. So we made some small talk, getting to know each other, and they asked me how I knew our hosts and we started talking writing and one of the hosts mentioned that I just landed a book deal.

So of course, the next question was “What is your book about?”

Continue reading

Social Media, Big Beautiful Thing And Bane Of My Existence

Part of being a successful writer – like it or loathe it – is being a successful salesperson. In the old days that meant cultivating your contacts with local newspapers, putting out a press release, shaking a lot of hands and heading to every local bookstore you could find with a copy of your book tucked under your arm.

Nowadays, the bookstores are fewer and further between, and long before your book comes out, you need to get yourself established in social media. I’m luckier than a lot of first-time authors in that I already have a platform due to my blogging and activism, but I’m not an instantly-known name by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m also not known at all (yet!) in the YA community. Continue reading