Oh, Decisions, Decisions . . .

mateo2portrait of young attractive man with impressive eyes

Oh, you guys . . .

The three new stories I have percolating are now down to two – mostly because story 3 just doesn’t have all the elements together yet and stories 1 and 2 are more fully-formed in my head. Now I have to decide which I move forward with.

Do I give you Mateo, who’s trapped in a world of endless night? Sophie is the key to freeing him, but it’s going to take a lot of cunning and more than a little help from her friends. Most of all, it’s going to take courage – for Sophie only sees Mateo when her night terrors drag her into the darkness . . .

Or do I give you Aidan, the reluctant remnant of a fallen kingdom, a land that once held magic and a place where the gods of ancient Ireland once ruled. Into this land stomps a foul-mouthed girl named Grace, who’s as far from that namesake as a girl can be. Together they have to find a way to rebuild a kingdom, and bring magic back to the land of their ancestors.

Help me out! Which book would you like to read first?

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