Lots Of TRAVELER Stuffage Going On!


I want to apologize for Tuesday’s post falling off the map – I had a tidbit from TRAVELER posted that WordPress decided to eat for some reason, leaving me only a title and a blank page. It took me four tries to restore it, as it kept eating parts of the post every time I updated. I’m hoping they fix the glitch soon because that was seriously annoying.

Anyway, here’s a few more shoutouts on TRAVELER from last week’s blog tour:

TRAVELER book review at The Avid Reader

TRAVELER book review at BibliobibuliYA

TRAVELER book review at The Page Unbound

Here’s a TRAVELER excerpt courtesy of Captivated Reading

And here’s my interview with Hopeful Reads

I want to say thank you to all of you who read – and review! So far my reviews have been predominately good and for a debut author (in this genre), that’s just gold. It really is.

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