Sunday With The Swoon Squad – So Much Fun!

I got to spend my Sunday hanging with my fellow Swoon Squad members, Katy Upperman, Sandy Hall, Devon Taylor and Karole Cozzo! Main Point Books in Wayne, PA was a terrific host venue, creating a lovely display for our table:


And it must be said that Devon knocked it out of the park as our panel moderator!

Many thanks to those of you who came out (especially those of you who had to shovel snow in order to do it)! I got to learn a lot about my fellow authors, including the fact that I’m the only night owl in the group, and they all mostly drink coffee while I drink tea. Oh, and Sandy can whistle. Like, really well.


There was a lot of great advice, warm commiseration about the fun and frustrations of being a writer and loads of excitement about our upcoming projects. We held two group ARC giveaways and the audience questions were really thought-provoking – we all really enjoyed them!

Finally, we posed for a pic and of course, I stole this pic from Karole because mine wasn’t nearly as good.


All in all, we had a blast. Can’t wait to do it again – and soon!

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