“From Reader to Author – Making the Leap” at Keystone Comic Con!


Here it is, my 2nd panel announcement for Keystone Comic Con! Join me and my fellow MacMillan authors, Shani Petroff and Devon Taylor on Sunday, September 16th as we discuss the impact of online writing communities and all things YA!


From Reader to Author: Making the Leap!

Sunday, September 16, 2018
2:30-3:30 pm
Room 111AB

I’ll Be Paneling At Keystone Comic Con!


This is only one of the panels I’ll be sitting on. The other is Sunday, September 16th and will feature fellow members of the MacMillan Swoon Squad as we talk all things YA – details on the time when I get it.

I’m thrilled to be in such great company on both panels, and unlike San Diego Comic-Con, these panels come with book signing ops afterward!

So come on out, Philly! I’d love to see you!

Sunday With The Swoon Squad – So Much Fun!

I got to spend my Sunday hanging with my fellow Swoon Squad members, Katy Upperman, Sandy Hall, Devon Taylor and Karole Cozzo! Main Point Books in Wayne, PA was a terrific host venue, creating a lovely display for our table:


And it must be said that Devon knocked it out of the park as our panel moderator!

Many thanks to those of you who came out (especially those of you who had to shovel snow in order to do it)! I got to learn a lot about my fellow authors, including the fact that I’m the only night owl in the group, and they all mostly drink coffee while I drink tea. Oh, and Sandy can whistle. Like, really well.


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Announcing One Terrific Author Event!


Southeast PA/Philly ‘burbs, we’re coming your way! I’ll be appearing with a few of my fellow MacMillan/Swoon Reads authors on February 18th at   in Wayne, PA for a live discussion, readings and book signings!

Don’t miss the fun with Katy Upperman, Sandy Hall, Karole Cozzo, Devon Taylor and yours truly as we discuss all things writing and then be sure to stick around for some book reading and book signing, as well!

Put it on your calendars – one month and counting!!


What A Thoroughly Awesome & Slightly Terrifying Day


I spent the day yesterday in New York, meeting up with this fabulous squad of Swoon hooligans for lunch:


From L-R, that’s Lydia Albano (Finding You), Shani Petroff (Romeo & What’s Her Name), Sandy Hall (Been Here All Along), Melinda Grace (Meet Me In Outer Space), Karole Cozzo (The Truth About Happily Ever After) and Devon Taylor (Soul Sweeper). Continue reading “What A Thoroughly Awesome & Slightly Terrifying Day”

Big, Big News From Swoon Reads!


You’re reading that right! Swoon Reads is expanding!! The go-to place for all things romantically YA is now the go-to place for ALL YA!!

Swoon is now accepting submissions in any category of the YA genre! Tell your friends! So pull that fabulous idea from your brain, smack it down on some paper, slap a gorgeous cover on it and submit!

And for all of you NaNoWriMo people who are gearing up for November – you should know that Traveler started out as a NaNoWriMo piece. And look at me now! My book will be on bookstore shelves in February – all because I held my breath and clicked on “submit.”

You can do this! You should do this!!

Here’s the deets!

A Year Ago Today I Entered The Swoon Reads YA Contest


It’s been a year since I uploaded my manuscript, took a breath, and pressed “submit.” Facebook was kind enough to remind me of the anniversary this morning, and I still feel like pinching myself.

A year ago, I took a big gamble. No guts, no glory, I told myself. And six months later, I had a contract in my hand.

Today I’m in final edits on a book that’s a slightly different (but far better) version of the original, and I’m raring to go on the next one after it. Continue reading “A Year Ago Today I Entered The Swoon Reads YA Contest”