Great Weekend At Keystone Comic Con!


Keystone Comic Con – I have to be honest here – was a mixed experience. For whatever reason, the con organizers sank a lot of time, money and effort into wrangling some great celebrity guests, but not a lot of time, money and effort into one crucial thing: marketing. Continue reading


Heading To Keystone Comic Con? See You There!

And if you can tear yourself away from Joe Manganiello and the casts of Trueblood and The Office (among other squee-worthy celebs), be sure and drop into my panel today at 3pm, where we’ll be discussing world building, and all that entails!


I’ll Be Paneling At Keystone Comic Con!


This is only one of the panels I’ll be sitting on. The other is Sunday, September 16th and will feature fellow members of the MacMillan Swoon Squad as we talk all things YA – details on the time when I get it.

I’m thrilled to be in such great company on both panels, and unlike San Diego Comic-Con, these panels come with book signing ops afterward!

So come on out, Philly! I’d love to see you!