What’s Up Wednesday: Near The Finish Line

But it’s only a prelimary race . . .

In other words, the first draft of the next book is done, and I’m frantically finishing up this round of edits. Then off it goes to my editor and I hold my breath and wait.

And clean my house. ‘Cause guys – it really needs it. Between book writing and edits, it’s become rather frightening. But you didn’t come here to read that. You want to know about the next book, but you’ll have to wait till the book gets the official okey-dokey and then I can introduce you to my fine young Irish heroes.

In the meantime, I’ll remind you that I’ll be appearing at B-Fest, Barnes & Noble’s Teen Book Fest in Plymouth Meeting, PA at the end of September, and if you’re lucky, I may even have an ARC of DREAMER to give away! ARC’s should be out in September, so get ready for the squeeeee!!



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