What A Thoroughly Awesome & Slightly Terrifying Day


I spent the day yesterday in New York, meeting up with this fabulous squad of Swoon hooligans for lunch:


From L-R, that’s Lydia Albano (Finding You), Shani Petroff (Romeo & What’s Her Name), Sandy Hall (Been Here All Along), Melinda Grace (Meet Me In Outer Space), Karole Cozzo (The Truth About Happily Ever After) and Devon Taylor (Soul Sweeper).

I wasn’t in the shot because I had to rush out of lunch early for a meeting with my editor, who wanted to discuss my next book now that DREAMER is in the can. My next book. There’s going to be a next book and she’s asking for it.

Sorry. It just still feels surreal sometimes. Anyway, I pitched her the two books I’ve been working on, and the conversation went kinda like this:

Editor: Tell me what you’re working on.
Me: I have 20,000+ words each on two different books and I’m going to let you pick. (Describes both books)
Editor: Hmmm. Book 1 has a fantastic premise, but the girl is part siren and we have a siren book coming out in six months. Book 2 sounds great except I don’t like some of it and I’m not sure how it’ll work. What else have you got?
Me: Ummm . . . there was a story idea I was kind of dabbling with but there’s no outline and I’m not sure about the plot. (Vaguely describes thread of an idea)
Editor: That’s the one! Write that book!

And then we agreed I’d have a first draft in her hands by August 31st. Six weeks. From vague idea and half-assed outline to completed draft in six weeks. *gulp*

Then another editor I adore joined us and she leaked the big news before my editor could do it: my 3rd book is going to be hardcover!


Yeah, baby! So now it has to be extra awesome. And done in six weeks.

No pressure, right? Still, it’s great news and I am thrilled as well as terrified. After that meeting, I headed to a bar to hook up with my Swoon Squad for Happy Hour before heading home in the pouring rain with my feet aching and my head swirling. It was a good, good feeling.

Have a great weekend, you guys – guess you  now what I’ll be doing!

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