In The Home Stretch And Feeling Energized!

Runner woman tying running shoes laces getting ready for race on

This is the weekend that I finish the first round of major edits on Dreamer, and just like Traveler, they have been substantial. Luckily for you, they’re for the better, and that’s why having an editor is so abso-freaking-lutely critical.

I had to axe a scene that I just absolutely loved, I ripped out an entire subplot that took up three (count ’em!) whole chapters, I added some closure on a character arc that was desperately missing it, I rewrote the buildup to the ending (Yay me – the ending was slamming so it could stay), and I added in an entirely new chapter full of imminent jeopardy that really moves the plot forward and ties out into an amazingly beautiful moment between my two leads.

This weekend will be spent tidying all that up before my agent reads it and asks me what the hell I’m doing. (I hope I’m joking about that…)

And as I’ve been slogging through all this, tearing my hair out, the awesome Lily Grant was reading an advanced copy of Traveler, and yesterday she put up this fantabulous review!

Readers, you can’t know what a shot in the arm it is when you tell me you like what I wrote. It’s writer penicillin – so good for whatever ails you. I’m ready to package this next book up and tie it with a bow! Thank you for investing in me and my characters! You all so utterly rock!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to finish a book!!

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