Tidbit Tuesday: Just A Little Peek…

Enchanted Mirror

I had a really hard time delivering on my promise to share a piece of Dreamer, book 2 of the Traveler series. Just about 98% of it is a total spoiler for things that happen in book 1. It’s a no-win scenario, but I did manage to find this little bit set between Ben and Jessa early in the book. Ben hasn’t gotten as much attention as Finn in my shout-outs and tidbits, and I really need to remedy that. Ben steps up his game in book 2, and I assure you, hearts will flutter…

Before I can reach for the handle on the truck door to get out, he stops me.
“I’m fixin’ to say something, so just hear me out, okay?”
“O…kay…” I answer warily.
“This trip was fun.”
I smile. “Yeah, it was.”
“It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun with anybody else.”
Where is he going with this?
“Thanks,” I say.
“And…well…did you ever think that maybe a whirlwind romance is only good for ripping people to pieces?”
“Is this about the other me?”
“I’m not talking about her. I’m talking about you. I’ve been thinking about this…about you…this whole weekend.” He takes a fortifying breath and goes on. “It’s hard to get over someone when you feel like you got cheated out of them to begin with. When you didn’t have enough time together. I get that.”
My eyes soften. “Ben…I just…” I shake my head because I really don’t know how to put this into words, what I’m feeling. What I’m trying not to feel.
“All I’m saying is maybe you need somebody to help you pick up the pieces in a slow and methodical way,” he says, “instead of a whirlwind. Somebody who may not be as exciting until you watch him fall on his ass a few dozen times.”
He gives me a lopsided grin, and I can’t help but smile back a little.
“Maybe,” I hedge.
“Maybe?” he raises his brows in a hopeful manner.
“I’ll think about it. Promise.”

You’re going to love all the little moments between these two in both books! And now, back to finishing up Dreamer!

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