Tidbit Tuesday: Finn’s Story

In TRAVELER, we meet many versions of Jessa and Finn as we slide in and out of alternate realities. In this scene, Finn is newly arrived at Jessa’s school, and her Creative Writing teacher has set an assignment – make up a story about the new guy.

She puts the marker to the whiteboard and writes Finn’s Story.

“So,” she says. “Finn’s story. Begin!”

I look over at him conspiratorially, wondering just which Finn he’s going to pick to be. He gives me a sly look, and then so I can’t see what he’s doing. I shoot him a mean look in return, and I write. Continue reading

Tidbit Tuesday: Jessa Asks Finn About His Past


In my YA novel, TRAVELER, Jessa has just learned she has the ability to travel through mirrors into other realities, where she steps into other versions of herself. In this scene, Finn – a fellow Traveler – has taken her through the mirror to an excessively sparkling reality for her first taste of Glitter Mousse. Jessa does her best to pry into his mysterious past . . .

“So you’re not from here?”

“Here?” Finn glances around at the shining chrome and sparkling chandeliers of glittery Mugsy’s.

“There,” I qualify. “Back where I’m from. You’re not from my reality.”

“No.” He looks uncomfortable.

“Do you know me, where you’re from?”

“I did.” Continue reading

Tidbit Tuesday: That Trickle of Unease…

Mysterious man in silhouette

[When your family has been hunted by evil for centuries, you learn a few tricks. This is an excerpt from my free read short story, “Found.”]

She had just finished loading the dishwasher when she felt it.

Just the slightest trickling of unease. Barely there. Nothing, really. Silly.

She wiped the counter tops down with the sponge, squeezing out the remaining suds and putting it back in the dish near the sink. She glanced at the clock – 11:45. She really should get to bed. Marcus would have her head if she was late to the briefing. Thank God the nanny agreed to come at 6am. An early meeting was a necessity, since they had to conference with their counterparts in Sydney. Things were getting out of hand.

11:50. She really needed to get some sleep.

She turned out the kitchen light, heading into the sitting room where toys and pillows still lay scattered. She bent to pick up a stray paper that had fallen off the end table, and found herself frozen by the image on the paper. Incongruously colored in crayola, the landscape was terrifying. Stark trees, and a littering of bones on the ground. A man, half in shadows, behind the trees. The picture was vivid – too vivid for a seven year old.

There it was again.

Silly. It’s just the picture putting you off. That’s all.

That wasn’t all.

She raised up slowly, glancing at the windows, her heart in her throat.

Nothing. Just the usual evening fog.

She would have let out a relieved breath, if she’d felt relieved. She didn’t. She’d learned long ago to trust her instincts, and they were screaming at her.




Want to know what’s next? Read the rest of the story here.

Tidbit Tuesday: Just A Little Peek…

Enchanted Mirror

I had a really hard time delivering on my promise to share a piece of Dreamer, book 2 of the Traveler series. Just about 98% of it is a total spoiler for things that happen in book 1. It’s a no-win scenario, but I did manage to find this little bit set between Ben and Jessa early in the book. Ben hasn’t gotten as much attention as Finn in my shout-outs and tidbits, and I really need to remedy that. Ben steps up his game in book 2, and I assure you, hearts will flutter… Continue reading

Tidbit Tuesday: Jessa Catches A Glimpse


In this scene from my debut YA novel, Traveler, we’ll get an inkling of Jessa’s very special talent…

When I was four, my family visited the aquarium. My parents were, as usual, chasing after my six-year-old brother, who had no interest in fish but did have a strong obsession with running up and down the handicap ramps by each set of stairs.

He took off at one point, knocking into a stroller and nearly tipping it over. My mother ran over to make sure the baby inside was all right and apologize to the parents, and my father took off after Danny.

I wandered over to the dolphin display, watching the light behind the giant wall of glass filter through the water, daydreaming about swimming with my dolphin friends in an underwater dolphin kingdom, when something odd happened. Continue reading

Tidbit Tuesday: Fate And The Social Norms


In my upcoming (!) YA Fantasy Novel, Traveler, Jessa discovers that she can shift into other realities and interact with people in her own dreams. Finn has been tasked with teaching her the skills she needs to do this, and also with watching her back – because someone wants her dead. She’s not thrilled with this arrangement, and decides to let Finn know late one evening…

I scroll through the received calls on my phone and look at his phone number. I want to dial it just so I can scream into the phone, “Why are you messing with my brain?!
But I guess that would definitely be crazy. Worse, he’ll probably have an answer for that.
Come on, St. Clair. No guts, no glory.
Great. I sound like Ben now.
I finally text Finn.

Are you there?

Continue reading

Another “Traveler” Tidbit – The Reality Of A Dream


In this scene from Traveler, Jessa finds herself in the middle of a dream, only to discover that for her, dreams aren’t what they seem. She’s along for the ride at Finn’s requesst, but it’s time to leave now…

Finn looks at me funny. “You’re taking this awfully well.”
Mario gives me an all-too-knowing smile. “She thinks she’s dreaming. She doesn’t believe a word of what we’ve said.”
“You told me I was dreaming,” I point out.
“And so you are,” Rudy says. “That doesn’t mean we’re not telling the truth.”
“It’s easy enough to prove,” Mario says. “You’ve met Finn already in person.”
“I met a cute guy and now I’m dreaming about him.” I shrug. “What’s so weird about that?
“You think I’m cute?” Finn looks surprised and pleased. Mario just rolls his eyes. Continue reading