A Year Ago Today I Entered The Swoon Reads YA Contest


It’s been a year since I uploaded my manuscript, took a breath, and pressed “submit.” Facebook was kind enough to remind me of the anniversary this morning, and I still feel like pinching myself.

A year ago, I took a big gamble. No guts, no glory, I told myself. And six months later, I had a contract in my hand.

Today I’m in final edits on a book that’s a slightly different (but far better) version of the original, and I’m raring to go on the next one after it.

Today I have an awesome literary agent (Hi Jen!), two great editors (Holly and Lauren, you rock!) and I’m rolling along toward the mass publication of my first YA novel.

And all because I took a chance.

Swoon Reads (a division of MacMillan) is looking for another set of authors, and you might be the one they choose. Believe me when I tell you it can happen to you.

Deadline is Jan 31st for this round, so get your manuscript polished up, find yourself a slamming book cover, and go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win.

Contest info and submission guidelines can be found here.

Go for it. You can do this.

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