A Year Ago Today I Entered The Swoon Reads YA Contest


It’s been a year since I uploaded my manuscript, took a breath, and pressed “submit.” Facebook was kind enough to remind me of the anniversary this morning, and I still feel like pinching myself.

A year ago, I took a big gamble. No guts, no glory, I told myself. And six months later, I had a contract in my hand.

Today I’m in final edits on a book that’s a slightly different (but far better) version of the original, and I’m raring to go on the next one after it. Continue reading

Tomorrow’s The Big Day (She Says Apprehensively): I Get My Edit Letter

Well, tomorrow’s the big day. Not only am I meeting my editor (and the rest of whoever I get to meet at the publishing company) and my agent face-to-face, but I’m also getting my Edit Letter.

This is where my editor and her compatriot editor sit and rip my baby apart in front of me and tell me how they think I can improve upon the DNA and raising of my child.

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? I mean…as an author, this book is my baby. I’ve slaved over it. Cried over it. Beaten my head against a desk for it more than a few times. I’ve agonized and laughed hysterically and shoved it out into the cold, cruel world begging for it to be noticed. And it has. It has been noticed.

Those critical eyes also noticed that it needs some tweaking, some polishing, some “where can we go with this” suggestions. And God help me, I’m sure they’ll have some “this has to go” suggestions, too.

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This Week Is A Big Week: I’m Heading To The Big Apple To Meet My Editor & Agent


This is a big week for me! On Wednesday, I’m off to the Big Apple to meet my editor face-to-face. We’re going to sit down and hash over my book, pull some things apart, discuss some things, and when that’s all through, I head a few blocks over and meet my agent face-to-face and we talk about all that I just did and all that I have yet to do and we’ll probably eat dessert.

Okay, there’s no probably about it.

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