When You Want Something Done, Ask A (Crazy) Busy Person To Do It

So I’ve got a book to partially rewrite.

And I blog – on multiple platforms.

I need to write three different freelance articles this week.

I work full-time and I’m gearing up for a big project there.

My son’s IEP is next week (for those of you without a special-needs kid, this is where they tell me they’re cutting some of his therapy to save money and where I tell them I’m not signing a damn thing and we’re going to go a few rounds over this until you give him what he needs).

My daughter has her first Homecoming dance on Saturday.

I need to clean my house. Badly. And pack away the summer stuff. And replace the filters in the furnace.

I also got two different offers this week to blog on two more sites on a guest (paid guest, even!) basis.

We won’t even get into the three other books I need to write after all the above is taken care of. That’s just crazy talk.

How the hell do I expect to get this all done?

Realistically, it won’t all happen this week. But it’ll get done. I’ll just keep carving out time to do it, rolling along and courting serious sleep deprivation and minor bouts of babbling and hallucinations until I’m on the other side of the mountain.

Staring up at the next mountain.

Welcome to being a writer and finding a work/life balance, ladies and gentlemen. Not always an easy thing.

But I’ll do it. I just will.

See you Monday. If my eyes will uncross.

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