What’s Up Wednesday: Writing And Mentoring


I have been laugh-out-loud crazy busy. Borderline psychotic, even. What kind of idiot thinks they can fully research and write a first draft in six weeks? This kind, apparently. But the really weird thing is, I woke in the middle of the night a few days ago and had a sudden revelation about a cool plot hook and ever since, the  book has pretty much been writing itself.

So I’m plugging away, and God willing, we’ll have an awesome book (in hardcover!) circa 2019.

Next week, I’m doing some mentoring for The Young Creatives club at Towne Book Center, and I’ve got a giveaway (yes, giveaway!) to organize and a guest blog to write that will be up on the Swoon Reads site next week.

All this comes around working a full-time job, raising my kids, doing laundry and mowing my lawn, which is beginning to look like Jurassic Park. Oh, such a glamorous life I lead.

If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to buy an island. I’ll call it Isle de Author and there will be hammocks and cool drinks and climate-controlled huts full of bookshelves. Oh, and wi-fi. Mustn’t forget that. We’ll all laze and drink and research and watch stupid YouTube videos instead of research and we’ll write. We’ll write memoirs and non-fiction and sweeping tomes about tribulation and magic and humans being humans. And nobody will have to go to a day job or mow a lawn.

‘Till then I’ll keep plugging along.

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