Holding Onto The Cart As It Careens Down The Track


I’m two weeks and three days from my book launch!

Do you know what that means?


I’m writing up press releases, I’m front-loading a bunch of social media stuff on various platforms, I’m writing up blogs and guest blogs for other sites, I’m doing author interviews, putting together Q&A sheets and Media kits, and oh yeah – working on book 2, whose next deadline is a little over a month away.


All this around raising two kids, dodging two cats bent on my destruction and working a full-time day job.

No pressure, right?

And how will I manage all of this? I’ll let you know when I figure it out. For now, my life is spreadsheets tracking media events and a whole lot of caffeine. I will emerge from this experience greatly enriched or babbling like a moron. Probably a little of both.

Have a great weekend, everyone – I’ll be hanging with my good buddy, Mr. Laptop.


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