It’s Cover Reveal Day For BLUE!

I am, and will forever mostly be a fantasy/sci-fi YA and romance writer. So when BLUE first crept into my brain, my first thought was, “Yeah, that would make a great story, but I don’t write contemporary YA.”

BLUE decided to take root, and refused to allow me to write anything else until I finished it, so I did. It’s easy for me to say “This story wrote itself.” The truth is I wrote it, then I edited, passed it around my critique group, edited again, sent it to my beta readers, edited again, got an editor to peruse and polish with me, then one more round of beta readers and here we go. There were a lot of wonderful people who enabled and directed my madness and I am grateful for them all.

So without further ado – Here’s BLUE, release date: October 26, 2021.

Blue’s older brother was involved in a car accident that killed Maya’s father, and now Maya has returned to school determined to make Blue’s life a living hell in the aftermath. BLUE is a story about gaining perspective and checking your privilege, from L. E. DeLano, author of TRAVELER and DREAMER. 

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