What’s Up Wednesday

I’m in the middle of first run pass pages for BLUE right now, and still clutching my heart over at this gorgeous interior setup. Check it out!

Once again, a big shoutout to Stephanie Anderson with Alt19 Creative for her interior layout and front cover design. I cannot recommend her enough!

Pass pages give you a chance to read your book the way a reader will experience it. It’s very easy to go a bit “word blind” after staring at the same manuscript over countless hours and several months. Seeing the book laid out in format often makes it easier to find typos, formatting issues, and to catch little glitchy things like the final word of a chapter being all alone on the next page.

It also lets me reread my manuscript after not having done so for a few months. Everything reads differently with fresh eyes, and now is the time to do tiny little “fixes” in the writing wherever they need to be done. Then it’s back to Stephanie, who incorporates my edits and formatting notes, returning it to me for a final pass before the ARC’s go to print. There’s a lot of work that goes into a (hopefully) good book, and this is only a part of it–but it’s an important part.

I can’t wait to share BLUE with the world on October 26, 2021!

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