Kiss The Book Reviews TRAVELER


Big thanks to Samantha at Kiss The Book for her very complimentary review of TRAVELER!

Kiss the Book is a book review site to help school librarians at any K-12 level find books for their classes and libraries. Their reviews are written by school library professionals and vetted student reviewers, so this is a very treasured thumbs-up.

Here’s an excerpt:

Teens will be instantly drawn into this irresistible read. What girl could resist your dream-guy come to life? Especially in pirate form? The other realities Jessa visits are thought-provoking possibilities about the choices we make and how it changes our lives. The plot is intricate and the pacing is fast. Recommend to both contemporary and fantasy readers.

They also rate the book for age-appropriateness, and it turns out my book has 34 swears.  I guess “crap” counts as a swear word. Who knew? I promise, nothing stronger than hell or damn, if that’s a concern.

Read the entire review (and check out Kiss The Book’s other recommendations) HERE.

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