Kiss The Book Reviews TRAVELER


Big thanks to Samantha at Kiss The Book for her very complimentary review of TRAVELER!

Kiss the Book is a book review site to help school librarians at any K-12 level find books for their classes and libraries. Their reviews are written by school library professionals and vetted student reviewers, so this is a very treasured thumbs-up.

Here’s an excerpt:

Teens will be instantly drawn into this irresistible read. What girl could resist your dream-guy come to life? Especially in pirate form? The other realities Jessa visits are thought-provoking possibilities about the choices we make and how it changes our lives. The plot is intricate and the pacing is fast. Recommend to both contemporary and fantasy readers.

They also rate the book for age-appropriateness, and it turns out my book has 34 swears.  I guess “crap” counts as a swear word. Who knew? I promise, nothing stronger than hell or damn, if that’s a concern.

Read the entire review (and check out Kiss The Book’s other recommendations) HERE.

Bibliophile Soprano Reviews TRAVELER!


Happy Friday! And it’s a definite happy day for me thanks to this terrific review from Fay at Bibliophile Soprano!

She opened the review with this gem:

“I am in love with this book.
It’s a beautiful kind of love – the one you never saw coming.”

And of course, I am in love with Fay’s review!  Thanks so much for reading and shouting me out! And if you loved TRAVELER, oh honey, are you ever going to love DREAMER.

Read the full review here!

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews – I Love ‘Em!

Happy woman with big notepad

Today is an auspicious day! TRAVELER now has 50 reviews on Amazon! Cue the confetti! This is it, the world is my oyster!!

Actually, it just means I have one more review on Amazon than 49, but I’ll take it. I have well over a hundred on Goodreads now, and scattered reviews across other bookseller sites, and so far (knock wood) they’re predominately good.

But that doesn’t mean I disregard or shrug off the bad ones – and there have been a few. Continue reading “Reviews, Reviews, Reviews – I Love ‘Em!”

Teen Reads Reviews TRAVELER!


Happy Friday! Hop on over to and check out their stellar review of TRAVELER! Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

“I was overwhelmed by the beautiful descriptions in this book, and I felt as if I could see each and every world that Jessa traveled to. Each world was uniquely different, simultaneously so outlandish, yet intriguing, that I wanted a new book based in every place.”

You can read the full review here. Many thanks to Jessica K for reading and reviewing!

Another Great Review of TRAVELER by With Love For Books


Many thanks to Suze at for her great and thorough review of TRAVELER! Here’s a bit of what Suze had to say:

“The possibilities are endless, but she keeps it easy to follow, which is something I loved. Traveler uses a well known concept of parallel universes, which I always find fascinating as the success of the stories usually depends on the fantasy and creativity of the author. It was fun to take a look into L.E. DeLano’s imaginary world. Traveler has an unexpected and open ending, which instantly made me want to read more. I really liked this compelling story.”

You can read the full review on their website, and be sure to check out all the other reviews while you’re there! Suze, Anniek and Tanya do a fabulous job and really, really love what they do.

Thanks again to With Love For Books!

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!


I got a whole slew of recent reviews, so rather than shout them out daily and look like I’m totally full of myself, I’ll link them all here.

Thanks so all these great bloggers for reading! And reviewing!

Adventures in Writing’s Review of TRAVELER

Betwixt These Pages’ Review of TRAVELER

The Lit Buzz’s Review of TRAVELER

And an excerpt featuring the real star of the book: Glitter Mousse!!

Loves Great Reads Features An Excerpt From TRAVELER

New Review For TRAVELER Up At The Windy Pages


A great big thank you to Kimberly at The Windy Pages for her recent review of TRAVELER! I’m so glad you enjoyed it – and thanks so much for not spoiling the ending (even if it threw you for a loop)!

Here’s a little bit of what Kimberly had to say:

“There is something so right about this book…The book is very creative, carefully explaining how they can jump and what repercussions the characters have on the other timelines. I really liked how different Jessa was in each dimension and how the worlds were vastly different. I really liked Finn and Ben, and especially pirate Finn. 🙂 “

You can find the complete review here.

TRAVELER is now available!