And With One Line, It’s Decided


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had the battle of the books running through my brain lately. It started out as three different stories picking at my grey matter, then I dropped one and it became two that were consuming me, pulling me in two different directions in a creative tug-of-war.

Then a sneaky little tendril of a story started weaving its way in, seducing me with it’s subtle background music, and somehow it took root and started to grow.

So I’ve been throwing out a line here and there from each of my budding projects, and seeing which ones scored with various Twitter/Facebook and private beta readers. I tossed out one of the stronger bits today from the new story – which is utterly unlike TRAVELER or DREAMER (and one of the other stories is kind of in the same vein and it was winning over the other remaining story). And people are liking it. Even loving it.

And I love it. A lot.

It’s pure fantasy, and magical and mystical and throwing me into a wild rollercoaster ride of emotion already, and that’s just the outline!

Oh, you’re going to love this one. You’re just going to love it.



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