Q&A – What’s Up With The Sequel To TRAVELER?

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Reader Oshani asks:

Can you give me a clue about when we can expect DREAMER [the sequel to TRAVELER]?

And Reader Kaylee asks:

What’s going to happen in DREAMER?? I have to know!!!

Here’s the scoop

As far as I know, DREAMER is breaking in Feb of 2018. That is subject to change, depending on publishing schedules, but tentatively, that’s the date. And as for what’s going to happen – well, I can’t give everything away, but here’s a vague synopsis:

DREAMER begins six weeks after the end of Traveler, and you can expect everyone to step up their game. The oddly-initiated love triangle gets even more complicated, and of course, the appearance of a former acquaintance (can’t get more specific than that without spoiling book one for the ones who haven’t read it yet) throw Jessa into serious turmoil.

You’ll see a few new realities (one of them wildly fantastical), you’ll get to wander through a couple of the character’s dreams with Mario (that’s really cool), you’ll get to dance in the candlelight aboard a pirate ship (swoon!) and you’ll get your heart ripped out by a family scene that left me a sobbing mess when I wrote it.

The villain(s) are still at large, and have found a way to begin the convergence. This time, they are determined to take down the people that Jessa loves along with her. When reality begins to shatter – the entire universe hangs in the balance. It’s a really rollicking ride, full of action and emotion. I think you’re going to love it!

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