What’s Up Wednesday: I Am A Busy Bee



Things are clipping along with the revisions on Dreamer – and I am so torn! On the one hand, I can’t wait to give you all the rest of the story with Jessa, Finn and Ben, but at the same time. . .

I hate for it to come to an end. I can seriously write another ten books about Jessa’s adventures (hey, Mortal Instruments keeps on keeping on…) but this was a two book deal so I have to wrap it in a ribbon and call it done.

So what’s next, you ask? I’ve been bouncing around between two different YA stories (One is a fantasy YA romance, the other a contemporary YA romance, tabled a third (dystopian YA), and now I think I know what I want to concentrate on (the contemporary YA). So I’ve been dabbling a bit with an outline, I have a solid first chapter, and that’s going to have to hold me until Dreamer is out of the way completely.

I also have my blogs (all 4 of them!), the romance books I write under my other pen name, and my crazy life revolving around it all. It gets a bit frantic, but it’s never dull.

Hey, have you submitted your YA Romance manuscript to Swoon Reads yet? What are you waiting for? The deadline is October 31st! I am living proof that it’s worth taking a shot. And while you’re there, be sure and vote for the cover design on Sandy Hall’s latest book, The Best Worst Case Scenario!



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