Tidbit Tuesday: Jessa Catches A Glimpse


In this scene from my debut YA novel, Traveler, we’ll get an inkling of Jessa’s very special talent…

When I was four, my family visited the aquarium. My parents were, as usual, chasing after my six-year-old brother, who had no interest in fish but did have a strong obsession with running up and down the handicap ramps by each set of stairs.

He took off at one point, knocking into a stroller and nearly tipping it over. My mother ran over to make sure the baby inside was all right and apologize to the parents, and my father took off after Danny.

I wandered over to the dolphin display, watching the light behind the giant wall of glass filter through the water, daydreaming about swimming with my dolphin friends in an underwater dolphin kingdom, when something odd happened.

I stood there, spellbound, staring with wide eyes at the girl staring back at me, and I was mesmerized by my own reflection.

They found me there nearly ten minutes later, and my mother scolded me even though Danny was the one who ran away. She only remembers today that I was lost and scared her half to death.

But I remember these two things:

First, that Danny, as always, had all their attention.

Second, I remember the way my hair rippled and swirled in my reflection on the other side of the glass…

It turns out Jessa was having more than a daydream. Find out what’s in store for her when Traveler launches on Feb 7th. In the meantime, you can pre-order your copy at Amazon!

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