Another “Traveler” Tidbit – The Reality Of A Dream


In this scene from Traveler, Jessa finds herself in the middle of a dream, only to discover that for her, dreams aren’t what they seem. She’s along for the ride at Finn’s requesst, but it’s time to leave now…

Finn looks at me funny. “You’re taking this awfully well.”
Mario gives me an all-too-knowing smile. “She thinks she’s dreaming. She doesn’t believe a word of what we’ve said.”
“You told me I was dreaming,” I point out.
“And so you are,” Rudy says. “That doesn’t mean we’re not telling the truth.”
“It’s easy enough to prove,” Mario says. “You’ve met Finn already in person.”
“I met a cute guy and now I’m dreaming about him.” I shrug. “What’s so weird about that?
“You think I’m cute?” Finn looks surprised and pleased. Mario just rolls his eyes.
“I think you’re all figments of my overactive imagination,” I conclude. “But that’s okay. I’ll wake up and write it all in my dream journal and maybe I can use it in a story sometime.”
“You do that,” Finn suggests. “But before you go, why don’t you give me your phone number?”
My eyes narrow. “You’ve already tried to get it, remember? I don’t pass my number out to strangers.”
“I’m not a stranger,” Finn says. “And besides, it’s only a dream.”
“That’s what she said,” Mario agrees. “Nothing but a dream. Right, Jessa?”
I look at the two of them warily. “That’s right.”
Finn reaches over and picks up my pen, opens my notebook, and looks at me expectantly. I dictate the numbers, and he copies them down before closing the notebook and tucking it under his arm.
I get out of my seat and Mario gestures to the red door.
“Just open it and step through,” he tells me. “You’ll be back in your reality.”
“All right,” I sigh as I walk over. I grasp the knob and twist, pulling the door open. “It’s time to wake—”
The next word is on my lips as I roll over in bed. My room is dark and the clock at my bedside reads 2:48 a.m. It takes me a moment to get my bearings.
And then my phone rings.

Traveler will be out Feb 7, 2017 – but you can pre-order your copy now at!

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