Tidbit Tuesday:

Concept of open book with curled heart shape page.

In this tidbit from Traveler, Jessa has had an encounter with Finn, a guy who has literally walked out of her dreams and told her she has the power to change fate – simply by stepping through a mirror. She’s now at the movies with a her best friend, Ben, trying to sort it all out in her mind…

“Do you believe in fate, Ben?”
“Like we’re all part of some preordained plan or something. Destined to do things or meet certain people. Fate.”
He eyes me speculatively. “Like, it’s fate that we met? Is that what you mean?”
I roll my eyes. “Not that specific, but yeah, maybe you were meant to move all the way here from Texas—”
“New Mexico,” he interrupts.
“Whatever. You sound like you’re from Texas.”
“That’s because it’s right next door to New Mexico,” he reminds me. “And for the record, we were fated to be friends as soon as I realized that you knew my home state was actually a state. You’d be surprised how many of y’all ask me what my country’s like.”
“No, I wouldn’t. But I’m talking fate in a general sense. Like there are some people that we’re just supposed to meet, for whatever reason.”
He takes a drink of his soda, considering for a minute. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do. I think we all have people that we were meant to meet. Not so sure about things we were meant to do, though.”
“But how do you accept one and not the other?”
He shrugs. “I guess I’d like to think that I have a hand in shaping my future for myself. Otherwise, why bother doing anything, right? Might as well just strap in and wait for the ride.”
I start to lean back, but I remember his arm is there and shift forward again. “Yeah, I guess.”
I hear his sigh as he moves his arm, but I’m not really looking at him. I’m a thousand miles away, thinking about what Finn said.
My logical brain tells me I shouldn’t be getting mixed up in all this. But my gut is telling me that I trust him. I trust Finn because I know Finn.
And that’s crazy. I realize that’s crazy.

Traveler is available for pre-order at Amazon.com, and will be out in bookstores February 7, 2017!


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