Hello Story, My Old Friend #amwritingYA #amwriting #YA

Fireflies at night


As I mentioned previously, I do like to write the occasional fanfic just for fun, and about a year ago, I wrote a long-ish chapter in a series of one-off fics about an ordinary girl who really believed in and was enthralled by magic and guy who lives in a magical kingdom and is totally numb and unmoved by it anymore.

It was a bit of a departure for me (as far as fanfics go) because my fics tend to be a little….ummm…steamy, and this was just a great story about two very opposite people unreasonably attracted to each other, told with a lot of heart and a whole lot of fluff but no serious steam. There was plenty of tension, mind you, but I left it fluffy because it just worked.

That was such a good story. I’d forgotten how much I loved it until someone pointed it out to me again and said, “You should expand that into a novel.”

So I re-read it, and it was like greeting an old friend that just got off a plane. Like the opening and closing scene of Love Actually in my mind as I hugged it to me and reveled in it and realized the potential of it. I could darken it up a bit, give them some real stakes and some real obstacles to overcome. I’d need to pull out some characters (it is a fanfic after all) and retool them, but all-in-all, it’s got the beginnings of an epic tale and the relationship dynamic between these two is just mesmerizing.

I’m jazzed. Seriously jazzed.

Here’s to old friends, especially the written ones.

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