Scrivener Update: Not My Cup Of Tea


I give up.

I tried. I really did. I sat through tutorials (multiple!) and I played around and doggedly made myself write several chapters in it.

And I found it clunky and disjointed and not what I’m looking for.

I want to make this clear though – I think this is entirely because of my personal bias. The software is good – really, really good. Lots you can use and you can pick and choose the parts of it that work for you. It’s all logical and makes great sense.

But I’ve been using MS Word to write for nearly 15 years. I also use it daily at the day job. I know Word inside out. Upside down. I could format, insert and compile in my sleep via Word. I fly on it.

And with Scrivener, it’s more of a crawl. Over large, craggy rocks that look really pretty but aren’t making it easier for me, especially when I can see that four-lane MS Word highway all lit up in the distance.

So bye-bye Scrivener. It’s a great piece of software, but not doing what I need it to the way I need it done.

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  1. That’s my experience with Scrivener, too. I actually blame my attempt to use it for one of my books taking FOREVER to write and having to rewrite large swathes. I do better with my usual “feeling my way through the pacing” technique.


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