The BLUE Playlist – An Odd Mix

If you’re reading BLUE (or getting ready to), here’s a list of songs that inspired me during the journey as I put BLUE together:

Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead – BLUE first chapter.

Blue begins her story feeling like she’s got nowhere to run from Maya, and from everyone who’s determined warn her about Maya’s return to school.

You Need to Calm Down – Taylor Swift. This one I picked for Jules.

Blue’s best friend isn’t doing much to help the situation, as she seems determined to stir up drama between Blue and Maya (along with the rest of the school), and cast suspicion on Devon and his secrets.

I Wanna Die But I Can’t (Cuz I Gotta Keep Living)– Pronoun. Blue’s storm of misery.

Maya’s personal attacks are only one of the elements converging on Blue – her parents, her brother’s incarceration, her own guilt over Maya’s situation, her worries about Devon – it’s just so overwhelming. This song has the perfect hopeless, suffocating feel to it.

Body and Mind – Girl in Red. After any scene with Blue’s mom.

I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers. Blue and Devon’s first date.

I love the feeling of something new and hopeful emerging in Blue’s life.

Therapy – All Time Low. This is for when Blue and Maya hit rock bottom.

Though Blue and Maya have several confrontations, there’s a big one that comes with a big reveal. The lyrics speak such truth. “A handful of moments I wish I could change.”

Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple. Blue & Maya finding their way.

I love the feel of this as both girls start to realize all they have and still have yet to overcome – and we see the absolute strength in their vulnerability.

Dreams– The Cranberries. Valentine’s Day

I know it’s an oldie, but God, I love the simple joy of this song, and it fits so beautifully with the sun peeking through Blue’s clouds as Devon shows her there’s a beautiful world waiting for her outside the misery bubble.

All My Heart – Sleeping With Sirens. Blue for Devon after Valentine’s Day. Not gonna spoil it, but it’s poignant and perfect.

I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders. Blue and Jack.

Another oldie, but a great fit for the scene where Blue & her brother, Jack, to come face-to-face. It takes them some time to connect, and a lot of talk is needed to clear the air, but when all is said and done, she loves her brother, and it shows.

Always– Panic at the Disco. Devon reveals his secret.

I played this as I brainstormed the scene and sobbed all the way through.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2. Devon’s life anthem.

You’ll know why when you get there.

Song For The Thankful – Avi Kaplan. Blue gives her book presentation.

Blue gets new perspective from all she’s learned with Maya and Devon, and sees things in a new way.

Hand in My Pocket – Alannis Morissette. Final Chapter.

I feel like half my list is retro! But this song is exactly the song to play the book out. Life isn’t all sunshine and unicorns. Everybody’s got a story, and we all keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving through. The trick is realizing “everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine.”

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