Writing Is All About The Journey

Writing has changed my life in oh-so-many ways. When I was young, it was an escape. I grew up in a tiny Southwest town. Other than church, I wasn’t allowed much of a social life, so writing became a way to travel to exciting places and speak out about all kinds of issues and interact with people I didn’t have access to in real life.

After high school, I secured my own financial aid and headed off to college where I became (gasp!) a Theatre major. Writing was all about creativity and expression – I journaled, I wrote scenes and plays, and I read freely and voraciously. After college, writing faded into the background as life took over, ending up as a dozen or more partially finished novels that I was going to finish “someday.” I became a parent, then a special needs parent, then a single parent all in the span of a few years. Writing became therapy, and I ended up leveraging that into badly needed income as a blogger and freelancer.

Eventually, I took a good hard look at those half-finished book projects and decided to find some discipline and get writing until something was done. I queried my first YA book in 2014 (TRAVELER), entered it in a YA contest in 2015, and ended up winning a two book contract with Macmillan! TRAVELER was a Keystone State Reading Association Secondary Book Awards Finalist in my home state of Pennsylvania. It’s sequel, DREAMER was one month from release when the world went kaplooey. While visiting family out of state, I ended up in the hospital for a month and lost the use of the left side of my body. Once again, writing became therapy, making my stumbling fingers type and engaging my brain to make those connections. A story came out on the other side of all of that.

BLUE was a labor of love, and a story about resilience and perspective as you work your way through a rough situation – something I can speak to with great authority. Blue makes a journey out of her own bubble of personal misery (with both heart-wrenching and hilarious turns) by making connections and realizing everybody has a story and you don’t know more than a few pages of it.

Thanks for letting me share my story – and Blue’s – with you.

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