My Bazillion Outlines


I’m in the construction phase of the latest story, and that involves multiple outlines in multiple formats, snippets of scenes written down as they come into my head, lists with bullet points of important stuff that needs to happen, and eventually, only half of all of this will be of use. If I’m lucky.

This is where you grab a handful of metaphorical seed and scatter it, hoping it grows. Later, I’ll add fertilizer, walk around in the field, mow it down a bit, dig up an area or two to overturn it and re-seed, and perhaps even find something fascinating that scattered on the wind and now grows between the rocks.

But right now – it’s all just about the scattering. Because seeds are precious and few.

Fertilizer, however, I have no shortage of. Ever.

Metaphor, baby. Keepin’ it real.




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