Does TRAVELER Have A Playlist? Of Course It Does!

Music Sound Multimedia Player Concept

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion if there’s a playlist for TRAVELER – and the answer is yes, of course there is! I had even planned to blog about it but just about the time I was ready to do that I got a request from the publisher to do a guest blog at Kindle And Me on the subject as part of a multi-blog tour, so I sent it off that direction along with my other posts and I honestly forgot about it in the whirlwind around the book launch.

Anyway, Kelly and Anjana have a terrific review blog and were kind enough to host my guest post about the TRAVELER playlist and you can read all about it here.

I’m finalizing DREAMER now, and oh, the playlist on this one! Just wait till you hear it!

Do you find that music helps you inhabit your story? Do you have it on while you write or does it run through your mind in the downtime?

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