What’s Up Wednesday – I’ve Been Busy!


So I’m polishing off the final, final (I hope) edits on DREAMER, and dabbling here and there on the next two projects that have been warring in my head for prominence, when in strolls a third story. A glorious story!

Oh, story . . . leave me alone. Not forever, just long enough to let me put a lid on one of these other stories.

Sometimes, the discipline side of being a writer can be a real pain in the ass.

Anyway, in addition to that, I’m trying to line up a couple of more book signing events – details on those when I get them cemented, and I’m going to have another giveaway! Look for the details on that here on the blog on May 1st!

That’s all the news there is to print for today. Stay tuned tomorrow for the TRAVELER playlist!

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