Tidbit Tuesday: Jessa Asks Finn About His Past


In my YA novel, TRAVELER, Jessa has just learned she has the ability to travel through mirrors into other realities, where she steps into other versions of herself. In this scene, Finn – a fellow Traveler – has taken her through the mirror to an excessively sparkling reality for her first taste of Glitter Mousse. Jessa does her best to pry into his mysterious past . . .

“So you’re not from here?”

“Here?” Finn glances around at the shining chrome and sparkling chandeliers of glittery Mugsy’s.

“There,” I qualify. “Back where I’m from. You’re not from my reality.”

“No.” He looks uncomfortable.

“Do you know me, where you’re from?”

“I did.”

I let that hang in the air for a minute before I bite my lip and ask.

“Did I move away?”

He holds my eyes.


“When—” I clear my throat. “When did it happen?” I can’t bring myself to ask how it happened. I get the feeling he was there.

“Three years ago.”

“I’m sorry,” I say, and I really am. I can see the hurt in his eyes. Whoever we were to each other, we were obviously close.

“It’s okay,” he says. “Not like I really lost you, after all. We’re Travelers. We’re always around somewhere.”

He gives me a stiff shrug, but it doesn’t quite cover the pain in his voice. I can’t help myself. I reach across the table for his hand. He rubs his thumb across the back of my knuckles, and the feel of his hand on mine is incredibly familiar.

“That’s got to be weird, though. Seeing a different me every time.”

“You get used to it.”

He says it, but something in his voice tells me you don’t, really.

TRAVELER is available now! Grab a copy and step through a mirror into adventure!


    • Thanks so much for reading! TRAVELER is book one of a two-part duology. It’s sequel, DREAMER, will be out next spring – and I promise, it picks up right where the epilogue left off!


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