The Countdown Is ON – 60 Days to TRAVELER!


That’s right! SIXTY DAYS until the launch of Traveler! Sixty days and my book will be on a shelf at Barnes & Noble or some cool indie bookstore, sixty days and I’m going to be pinching myself to make sure I’m not waking up from a wonderful dream.

Holy cow, you guys. I did it. I wrote a book. I sold a book. They printed the book. The book will be for sale. People will buy the book.

[Oh please, let people buy the book. . . ]

Now is when the marketing machine goes into action. I’m spending this weekend putting together a list of every bookstore in the NYC, Philly, Baltimore and DC markets, and I’m going to be reaching out to them since I’m commutable to all four areas. I’ll go anywhere that will have me to promote, and I’m drafting a press release for the local news outlets and for those in the town I grew up in, since it gets a mention in the book. I’m exploring every single avenue I can to get my book in people’s hands and get that cover in their memory.

If anyone out there is looking for an author interview for their blog or news outlet or would be interested in using me as a guest blogger, please contact me (contact info here)! I’m a PR machine!

Sixty days, guys. Sixty days! Can you believe it???



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