My First Book Signing – And I Had A Blast!


That’s me!

That’s actually me, doing a reading from my book! The book that I wrote! The one on the shelves! (I know I’m babbling, but it still seems a bit surreal.)

I had my first author event on Friday at Towne Book Center, with a terrific crowd and delicious glittery cake pops and the best damn coffee of my life!

Special thanks to the staff at Towne Book Center who were warm and welcoming – they also extended an invitation to their Young Writer’s Group, so I had a few of their members in attendance as well. They asked the best questions! Continue reading

The Countdown Is ON – 60 Days to TRAVELER!


That’s right! SIXTY DAYS until the launch of Traveler! Sixty days and my book will be on a shelf at Barnes & Noble or some cool indie bookstore, sixty days and I’m going to be pinching myself to make sure I’m not waking up from a wonderful dream.

Holy cow, you guys. I did it. I wrote a book. I sold a book. They printed the book. The book will be for sale. People will buy the book.

[Oh please, let people buy the book. . . ]

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